Cyberpunk 2077

The Witcher 3

How to use boats to fast travel in the witcher 3.

A quick tutorial on how to fast travel using boats in the witcher 3. In this tutorial we’re talking about two common mistakes people make when they tried to fast travel using boats. The first one is that you try to fast travel, using the other boat symbols on the map. That doesn’t work, you’ll need to find green anchor symbols which represents the harbor’s. But what if you can’t find those green and anchor symbols on your map? That’s becaus you’re not sitting at the helm of your boat,… More information in the tutorial above.

How to kill drowners in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

A tutorial on how to kill drowners in the witcher 3.  Everyone has his own fighting style
and it depends greatly on your sign and weapon levels but really guys defense is the key.  It’s like little a dance
with the devil that you need to perform. You need to dodge every attack they
trow at you and strike back,… More in the tutorial above.

How to kill sirens in The Witcher 3.


Call Of Duty

In this tutorial we discuss what an operator mod is, how to put an operator mod on your weapon and we take a look in game if the oppresor the operator mod of the Titan is good.

The first COD WWII DLC The Resistance is out. I uploaded this clip of Valkery one of three maps so you can see if its worth it to buy the map pack. I find it fun maps and hope you like them two. I hope you enjoy it, see ya later! The other two maps Anthropoid and Occupation I


In part 2 of my best Call of Duty World War 2 rifles series, we review de BAR automatic rifle. De bar is the perfect combination between fire rate and damage if you ask me. We review de best attachments for the gun. And I will give some tips for better use of your ps4 controller. A had a 30 plus multiplayer match with my DUDE UP a very nice variant of de BAR.

All Call of Duty rifles reviewed, and we start of with a bang! In part one of this series we do the STV 40, a semi-automatic gun which makes you rule multiplayer! I give you some tips and some info about the gun and how to use it, accompanied by an awesome 22 kills vs 4 deaths multiplayer match. I hope you enjoy it and dont forget to subscribe for more awesome Call of Duty World War II, game play, tutorials and reviews!


A quick tutorial on how to (enter) prestige divisions in Call of Duty WW2. The new headquarters system can be a bit confusing so here is a quick tips video on how to prestige your division! Its not a tutorial on how to level your division but on how to actually enter prestige when you already leveled it!


Awesome Call Of Duty infinite warefare TAR granade compilation!

An awesome call of duty (COD) infinite warfare (IW) compilation, using TAR (kind of RPG) creating some top gameplay.

Batman Arkham knight

Batman arkham knight riddler trophy walktrough miagani island wane tower!

I hope you enjoy my batman Arkham knight Riddler trophy walk trough
on Miagani island. Its the one at Wane tower. I will show you step by step how you need to solve this Riddler puzzle. With this Arkham knight tutorial its easy and quick. Have fun boys and girls! Don’t forget to subscribe and visit the website if you would like more free tutorials on batman or other video games!

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How to charge the batmobile missile barrage!

A quick tutorial on how to charge the batmobile’s missile barrage. In the beginning of Batman Arkham Knight you’ve got a training called:  “weapon energy diagnostics” where inyou need to charge the missile barrage. It’s described like this: “unleash the batmobile’s awesome power. Destroy enemy targets while avoiding incoming fire to charge the secondary weapon energy and activate the missile barrage. It’s raelly easy but when you are enthusiastic its easy to miss what you need to know. So a little tutorial to help you on the way.

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How to activate the industrial electromagnets (AC motors) in batman arkham knight!

A quick Batman Arkham Knight tutorial on how to activate the industrial electromagnets found in the riddler trophy’s. If you use the bat-vision it is described like this : “Industrial electromagnet, AC motor surrounded by electromagnetic field. Can be powered up by the Remote Electrical Charge. So let me help you find the damn thing. Don’t forget to subscribe and the visit Thanks!

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How do you counter charging thugs batman arkham knight fighting tips!

How do you counter charging thugs in  batman arkham knight? A tutorial with fighting tips on evading and countering. How do you counter a blue icon? How to counter or evade yellow icons. How to evade a red charging thug! Oh yeah and those riot shield guys what about them or de mini gun guys or bosses? How do you counter the red arrow / tackle guys? This batman arkham knight fighting tutorial tries to give an answer on all questions above.