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The IW-Engine the beating heart that has given us many beautiful Call of Duty games.

Let me start by saying this. When we talk about the IW-Engine, it is almost impossible to not include the Sledgehammer-Engine and the one used in the Black Ops series as a reference.  Think of it as an article about the COD-Engine.

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Every year we get a new call of duty game, but not always from the same developer. A scheme has been created by Activision publisher of Call of Duty to give the studios the opportunity to work on a title for several years. Nevertheless, and I am going to leave it open whether this is a good or a bad thing, they each use their own engine. This does not mean that underlying technologies are never exchanged when they turned out to be a great success. That’s why I’m not going to avoid them.

But first things first!

What is a Game-Engine?

Before we have a more detailed look @ the IW-Engine, it might be interesting to reflect on what a Game-Engine actually is and should provide for both us the players, and the team of developers.

In the next tab, you can read my attempt at an understandable explanation of what a game engine is. I suggest you start there.

Of course, if you already know all this you can go straight to the evolution of the IW-Engine.