PlayStation 5 the future of gaming PS5 blog post road to ps5

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This post will be updated regularly whenever more information is released by Sony

The new PlayStation 5 is coming, the exact release date is not yet known but we do know that we can expect it during the year-end holidays.
The price is also a guess, but we have confirmation that it will be around 500€, a very correct price for what you get, but still not an ordinary weekday purchase for most of us. If I were yours, I would start looking at who draws your name for Christmas. ;-p

With Sony’s blog post about the “DualSence Controller” and the “Road to PS5” presentation by Mark Cerny we have already learned a lot about the hardware insides Sony’s next-gen console.
Personally I found the presentation quite interesting, but for many, it was not screaming GAMER enough.

No showcase of fancy trailers, punch lines about the competition, or top-end specifications without placing them in perspective.
Instead, we’ve got a very detailed explanation of why they chose certain parts and why it is so important to avoid bottlenecks.

If you haven’t seen the presentation, and you have nothing to do the next hour you can find it here. However, I would opt to watch this three-part mini-series by “The Cherno”, he watches the official presentation and makes comments from his point of view as a game developer.

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The DualSence Controller

PlayStation 5 the future of gaming PS5 blog post dualsence

The Road To PS5 (official Sony presentation)

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